A pool for those who understand the value of information. It is our goal to keep you up-to-date with everything that is happening in the world. From big news stories, the latest in crypto and everything between.

Stake With Us At

HR25 ID: a79c387e21126547bd03df831a1d44532fff333f08d32a70c63dfa3d

Daedalus ID: pool157wrsl3pzfj500grm7p3582y2vhl7velprfj5uxx8har6v2whya

Stable Server

24/7 monitored low latency dedicated server.

Low Fees

0% fixed fees giving the community all the rewards.

Return on Stake

Our goal is to insure the biggest rewards for our delegators.

Delegate and Stake

You can delegate to our pool using the Daedalus Wallet. Simply choose the HR25 pool found in the delegation center. Daedalus

Staking rewards are calculated by how many blocks are mined each epoch. There is a set 340 ADA operator fee for every pool. On average between 5-6% APR on stake will be seen over a period of time.

Epoch Information

Each epoch lasts 5 days. After staking, a snapshot takes place on the Cardano blockchain that confirms you as a delegator. It takes between 15-20 days to receive your first rewards. After this you will receive rewards after each epoch. Rewards are based on how much ADA you have staked and how many blocks were mined.

Yoroi Light Wallet

Yoroi is a wallet for Cardano used to send, receive, store ADA and Stake. It is a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. Also available for iOS and Android.

Ledger Hardware Wallet

The Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X are usb hardware wallets with the upmost security. Capable of storing 27 coins and over 1500 different types of tokens. The ledger live software helps manage all of this on your desktop or cellphone.